“Having used many recreational trails both in Wisconsin and Minnesota we have seen firsthand the benefits of such an asset to a community. A biking/walking trail not only encourages good physical activity, but also a produces a good amount of economic benefit in terms of visitors and tourists in addition to a community “sense of pride”.  We fully endorse the project.” Carol & David Finanger

“This is a great step for the Merrill Community connecting east to west and the city to the country and providing endless safe family based activity.” Tony Kusserow

“We feel the River Bend Trail will be a great addition to the community and will be used a ton. A wonderful way to get kids from town to the MARC safely.” Noel Bushor

“The class of 2013 has chosen to donate to the River Bend Trail because we believe in giving back to our community while contributing to help develop what will be a fantastic resource to the Merrill area.”

“We are happy to invest in the River Bend Trail. The trail will allow easy access to safe physical activity as Merrill residents and visitors get around town.  More physical activity will save health care costs.  The trail will provide access to an inexpensive transportation alternative.”  Mark & Barbara Crapster-Pregont

“For the past 116 years Lincoln Community Bank has been a strong supporter of the Merrill Community and Lincoln County. Our donation to the River Bend Trail represents our continued commitment to the future of Merrill and all of Lincoln County.”  Robert Roe, President

“The river walk gives everyone the opportunity to enjoy the river. It will be enjoyed by young and old, but especially the young families.  It will be good for the future of Merrill.”  Dale & Jackie Kuch

“There are two key reasons why we decided to donate to Phase 1 of the River Bend Trail of Merrill. The first reason is safety. The trail will provide another option for people to exercise safely using the trail because of the connection between town and the MARC and Council Grounds. The second reason is because we believe the plan for the trail will make our town even more beautiful.” Dan & Becky Rajek

“Whether you want to work out or relax, get together with friends or family, or enjoy nature by yourself, this is going to be a great place to go. We’re excited that the River Bend Trail is becoming a reality.” Paul & Janet Thompson

“Making the Merrill community more attractive and appealing by the addition of the trail deserves our enthusiastic support!” Ralph Wehlitz

“I am regularly encouraging people to get more exercise and I expect the trail to be a fun and scenic way for people to get exercise and enjoy themselves at the same time. We also hope the trail will be another attractive feature to draw people to Merrill.” Dr. Jeff & Carla Moore

“The trail is a perfect way for local citizens and park visitors to explore this area.” Don Evans

“The trail is a great asset to Merrill residents and tourists alike. With more people embracing active lifestyles, the trail will provide a scenic path for walkers, runners and bikers and is easily accessible to all.”  Bruce & Jean English

“We have visited other communities that have similar trails and have been impressed with the amount of use they get from local residents. We feel that this trail will have the same positive impact on the Merrill community.”  Brian & Rhonda Arndorfer

“Associated Bank has committed to being a part of the communities we serve. The trail not only will be a way to bring more traffic to Merrill’s downtown area, but also provide a beautiful recreational opportunity for the residents of Merrill and nearby areas.  A great idea is within reach and through great planning and preparation I believe the trail will be a great success.”  Dustin Peterson, Bank Manager

“The River Bend Trail offers the opportunity to bring the community together.” Dr. Rezwan Islam

“The bike trail is important because the recreational beauty of our community has not been fully utilized and I think this trail will be a first step in improving that situation.” Sharon Schmidt

“We chose to participate in the River Bend Trail for many reasons. Among them, we like the idea that the community of Merrill wants to once again utilize the Wisconsin River’s river front.  Now that the importance of the river is no longer needed for the businesses of the past, the reclaiming of the river front’s unused potential is tremendous. The health benefits the trail will provide for the citizens of Merrill are numerous as it will provide a wonderful place to take walks and go for bike rides.  In addition, it is as equally important for future economic development. We believe that potential small businesses will see the value of this trail and help redevelop the area.  We wish the trail organizers success as the trail continues its development on into the future.” Brian Gumness, Executive Director of the Greenheck Foundation

“BMO Harris feels the River Bend Trail project is a positive addition to Merrill and we want to show our support.” Nancy Stadler, Bank Manager

“Marshfield Clinic is a strong supporter of the trail. We believe in helping to improve the health and wellness of our communities and this trail is a wonderful way to celebrate the area’s natural beauty and encourage physical fitness at the same time.” Dr. Steve Dahm